Assessment: Buried Treasure 2 Challenge

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The attached Challenge pdf file is the "Captain's Buried Treasure, Part 2" from the  "NXT Video Trainer 2.0" product from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy. The challenge can be used by EV3 programmers.

Captain's Buried Treasure, Part 2

This challenge involves use of the Color, Touch and Ultrasound sensors .

This is what to check for:

  • Be sure students break this task into behaviors and create a flowchart/pseudocode to manage all the behaviors
  • Students should not use dead-reckoning for all aspects of this challenge:
    • Color sensor should be used to detect and avoid the waterfall, etc.
    • Touch sensor should be used to detect the tree
    • Ultrasound sensor should be used to navigate the secret passage
  • When reviewing their programming:
    • Start with their flowchart/pseudocodet to get an overall view of the program
    • Use the NXT-G program to show how each block was implemented (including comments that identify the flowchart blocks/pseudocode)
    • Ask about the program development process - did they use an incremental approach
      • What other "Best Practices" would they recommend for program development
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Middle School
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