Classroom Resource Category: Tips & Tricks: Hardware

This section contains tips, tricks, undocumented (or poorly documented) features, troubleshooting/debugging techniques, workarounds,  etc. for the NXT hardware.

NXT Kit Comparison
This resource: 
is a web site which provides a nice comparison and inventory of the various NXT kits available.

General NXT Troubleshooting Tips
This resource:  is a list of Hardware Debugging Tech Tips  from John Heffernan (Williamsburg Elementary Schools, Williamsburg, MA):

Labels for Spare Parts Container
This resource: is a pair of Word files containing images for each of the components from the NXT Education Base and Resources kits (formatted for Avery Labels) for the purpose of labeling spare parts containers.

9797 Individual Kit Inventory
This resource: two inventory sheets for the 9797 kit.

9797 Inventory Pictures - matches kit inventory
This resource: These are pictures and names for inventorying the 9797 kit.

9797 Class Inventory List
This resource: Correlates with Individual Kit Inventory list - total for multiple kits