Classroom Resource Category: First Days of School

If STEM Robotics is a CTE (Career and Technical Education) class, then making this distinction with students gives a segue to establishing a classroom environment that is more consistent with the career world than other classes.

Since Robotics is a STEM class, the career environment presented here is that of a professional working in a high-tech company.

When a professional Scientist, Technologist, Engineer or Mathematician hires into a new company, the first thing they experience is an Orientation session which equips them to work within the company culture. Topics covered during Orientation usually include the company's Mission Statement, Goals and Values, Rules and Expectations, and security issues including creating a I.D. card for the new employeeSimilarly, at CTE STEM class may also establish its own classroom culture, reflecting that of the professional STEM career world. One such example is presented below.

Mission Statement
This resource: is an example of Mission Statement for a STEM Robotics class.

Goal and Values
This resource: is a Goal and Values PowerPoint file, intended both as a presentation and classroom poster.

Goal and Values_Student Self-Evaluation
This resource: provides a student self-evaluation for the STEM Robotics Classroom Goal and Values

Rule and Expectations
This resource: is a Goal and Values PowerPoint file, intended both as a presentation and classroom poster.

I.D. Cards
This resource: contains instructions and files for make photo I.D. cards for students.

This resource: provides an lower cost/maintenance alternative to I.D. Cards.

Job Application
This resource: is Job Application for a Robotics Engineer Level I which is intended as pre/post self-reflection piece.

Robotics Kit Contract
This resource: is a contract for students/parents covering the NXT Kit use and responsibilities.

Intial Survey
This resource: is a get-to-know-you exercise that ties higher-order thinking skills/classes to higher paying jobs.

Pre Assessment For Robotics Knowledge
This resource: is a basic PPT for a preassessment of prior robotics knowledge