Classroom Resource Category: Classroom Procedures

This section contains best practices, tips, tricks, and other resources to help run a STEM Robotics classroom.  Registered Teacher_Users are encouraged to add their own successful ideas using the "Add Classroom Resource" Wizard at the top of the Navigation Tree (left-hand pane).

2:1 Student to Kit Ratio
This resource: provides the reasoning behind favoring a 2 students-per-kit ratio.

Organization Placards for EV3 Core Set and EV3 Expansion Set
This resource: contains the organization placards included in the top of the NXT kit, but missing with the EV3 kit.

Quick Kit Inventory
This resource: provides tips and strategies for keeping the EV3 & WeDo 2.0 kits organized.

Surveys with boxes for Inventory Replacement Form
This resource: provides a missing parts and replacement form.

Team Effectiveness Evaluation
This resource: provides a quick student self-evaluation of their team dynamics.

This resource: is a technique for improving awareness of STEM outside the classroom.

STEM Robotics 101 Invitational Specifications
This resource: is the specification for an inter-school competition which utilizes three challenges derived from the STEM robotics 101 curriculum.

Engineering Notebook Sample Handout
This resource:  is a handout of an example of how to format a table of contents and entry page for a student engineering notebook.

Robot Design Rubric
This resource: is a rubric to evaluate student robot hardware and software design.

EV3 Student Workbook
This resource: is a workbook for students to follow through an introductory STEM Robotics 101 class. It incorporates content leading to the Sumo Bot Challenge form the STEM Robotics 101 Invitational. The original Publisher file as well as a pdf version are attached.

FLL in the Daytime Classroom
This resource:  describe how to run a FIRST LEGO League Team during the daytime classroom. Cherise Marshall of Washougal WA documents the techniques, procedures and resources she uses to run her school's FLL team from your regular STEM Robotics 101 classroom. Cherise's team made it all the way to Washington State Championships during their rookie season.

Student Choice Topical Programming Course
This resource: is a choice-enabled approach to teaching the basic programming lessons by topic. Student choose which challenges they want to tackle following the the EV3 Trainer modules in the order presented (Movement, Sensors, Decisions).