Classroom Resource Category: Tips & Tricks: Software

This section contains tips, tricks, undocumented (or poorly documented) features, troubleshooting/debugging techniques, workarounds,  etc. for the EV3-G programming software. EV3 is fairly new, so this is a work-in-progress!

Free Online version of EV3 Trainer series Robotics Academy
This resource: is the link to the free online version of Introduction to Programming LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 curriculum (a.k.a. EV3 Trainer) from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy. A few of the advanced topics are not available in the free version (the are "grayed-out") and the online Teacher Guide does not include these sections either.

Debugging Tips
This resource: is a list of Hardware Debugging Tech Tips come from John Heffernan (Williamsburg Elementary Schools, Williamsburg, MA):

Recovery from Failed Firmware Update
This resource: is a technique to recover from a failed firmware update.

Sharing My Blocks (and other files) between EV3 Projects
This resource: describes how to copy My Blocks, Sound Files, Image Files, etc. between one EV3 Project and another.

Controlling Multiple EV3's through Daisy Chaining
This resource: describes how to control multiple EV3 bricks with one EV-G program using a technique called Daisy Chaining.

EV3-G FLL Coach Primer
This resource: is a well produced primer for EV3 intended for FLL Coaches. It provided an overview of EV3 hardware and EV3-G software, with an emphasis on the new features beyond NXT.

Move Steering Block Analysis
This resource: is a detailed analysis of the Move Steering Block which explains why its behavior is quite different than the NXT Move Block steering.

Using NXT Light Sensor with EV3-G software
This resource: explains two techniques for using the NXT light sensor with the EV3-G software.

EV3 Lessons: Adding Blocks This resource:  is a PowerPoint from EV3 Lessons addressing how to add blocks to the LEGO EV3 Programming Software.

EV3 Lessons: Using the NXT Sounds Sensor with EV3 This resource: is a PowerPoint from EV3 Lessons addressing how to use the NXT Sound Sensor with the EV3 Software.