Classroom Resource Category: Tips & Tricks: Hardware

This section contains tips, tricks, undocumented (or poorly documented) features, troubleshooting/debugging techniques, workarounds,  etc. for the NXT hardware.

EV3 Kit Comparison
This resource:  is a web site which provides a nice comparison between the EV3 Home and Educational sets.

General Troubleshooting Tips
This resource:  is a list of Hardware Debugging Tech Tips  from John Heffernan (Williamsburg Elementary Schools, Williamsburg, MA):

EV3 Sensors
This resource: is a web site which provides a nice description of the EV3 sensors.

EV3/NXT Comparison
This resource: explains different between EV3 and NXT.

Eliminating Gyro Sensor Drift
This resource: describes how to deal with drift in the Gyro Sensor readings and provides technical details on the Gyro Sensor

Ordering Spare Parts
This resource: is the link to order individual parts for the EV3 from LEGO. Select "Buy Bricks" and then specify the 45544 Education Core kit.

Spare Ball Bearings
This resource: is the link to order spare ball bearings from a non-LEGO source. The LEGO parts are quite pricey and often back-ordered.

3D Printed Ball Caster
This resource: is a link to a 3d printed ball caster that uses a standard mouse ball (with rubber removed) for the metal ball bearing

EV3 Lessons: Common Brick Problems This resource: is a PowerPoint from EV3 Lessons addressing common hardware problems with the EV3 brick.

LEGO Pneumatics This resource: is a PowerPoint slide overview of the LEGO Pneumatics components are their functions.